Clinical Teaching Tools in Canvas (OASIS)

As part of the migration away from TUSK and the university-wide adoption of Canvas, the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine will begin using OASIS in March 2019 to support clinical education.

Developed by Schilling Consulting, OASIS is a web-based scheduling and curriculum administration tool used exclusively by schools and programs in the Health Sciences. The School of Medicine currently uses OASIS to facilitate their multiple lotteries and clinical student performance evaluations. Their use of OASIS tools will also increase starting in 2019 in preparation for their transition.

At the Cummings School, the clinical scheduling lottery was successfully run in November of 2018 in preparation for the clinical years for the class of 2020. Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, OASIS will handle clinical assessments and the lecture event calendar for the first three years. Curriculum tracking will also be facilitated by OASIS and accessed via Canvas. Educational Technology Services will provide documentation as well as in-person and online training on OASIS, and more details will be available as we get closer to our March launch date.

For an early look at OASIS, see the screenshots below.