Ten Great Canvas Tools

Canvas has easy-to-use, intuitive tools designed to make teaching and learning easier. Here are some of our favorites. (Go back to the slideshow.)

    1. SpeedGrader: Markup, grade and return student papers all within the Assignments tool.
    2. Previewer: View PowerPoint slides, Word documents, and other files right in your course site.
    3. Differentiated Assignments: Assign the same assignment or quiz to different users — but designate individualized due dates and open/close dates and times.
    4. Modules: Distribute content, discussions, quizzes, assignments within a discreet lesson and monitor student progress throughout.
    5. Collaborations: Work on shared Google documents without leaving Canvas.
    6. Rubrics: Create grading rubrics (competencies and achievement levels) and associate them with graded assignments, discussions and quizzes.
    7. Attendance: Use the built-in attendance tool for tracking and grading class attendance.
    8. Scheduler: Create meeting sign-ups with the scheduler tool built into Canvas Calendar.
    9. Mobile Access: Canvas has fully-featured mobile apps for iOS and Android.
    10. Canvas Commons: Share courses, content or activities with colleagues within a department, school or with other Canvas Universities.