Who We Are

Kaplan Lab Members at New Harvest 2022

We are the Cellular Agriculture Research Group in the David Kaplan Laboratory at Tufts University (Boston/Medford Massachusetts, USA). Our group started in 2016 through a collaboration with the cell-ag non-profit New Harvest and our first cultured meat PhD student, Natalie Rubio! As of 2022, we’ve grown to a group of over 18 researchers, including Professor Kaplan.

Our research primarily focuses on the basic science that underlies cultured/in vitro meat (i.e the generation of muscle and fat tissue outside an animal’s body). Examples include muscle cell engineering to enhance nutrition and cost reduction, the use of insect cells as a platform in the generation of large scale meat tissue, and the application/adaptation of conventional meat science techniques to evaluate meat generated in vitro.

Due to the high level of interest in cultured meat from undergraduate students at Tufts University, we created a class to help everyone learn more about it, as well as to teach technical skills that may be relevant for students interested in joining the field.