Important Elements to Note:

— All federal agencies should provide meaningful involvement to communities (including indigenous and tribal communities), due process in all rulemaking and enforcement, and direct guidance and technical assistance.

— The National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) shall be established by the president and remain multi-stakeholder in composition (according to the Federal Advisory Committee Act, FACA).

— Each agency should develop a comprehensive and transparent environmental justice (EJ) strategy

— The EPA should establish an EJ Clearinghouse to enable broad sharing of toolkits, models, and support networks from the grassroots up to and including other federal agencies.

— All new staff hired in designated agencies shall be required to participate in EJ training.

— The provision of grants to build capacity of nonprofit community-based organizations to address local public health and environmental needs, as well as broader issues of community development and revitalization (including countering displacement and gentrification), and to facilitate collaboration among stakeholders and build partnerships.

— Staff training in designated agencies should include capacities for increasing the meaningful participation of individuals from EJ communities in agency activities