Senior Associate Editor

Helen is a Professor Emeritus at the University of California Irvine. With a Ph.D in Public Law and Government from Columbia University (1967), Dr. Ingram is a recognized leader in public policy issues related to science and society, environmental policy, trans boundary environmental policy, and water resources policy. From 1995 to 2007, she served as the Warmington Endowed Chair, University of California at Irvine, with a joint appointments in Department of Political Science, Planning, Policy and Design and Criminology, Law and Society.

Helen received the Aaron Wildavsky Enduring Contribution Award to the study of public policy and is the author of numerous articles and book chapters as well as fourteen books including two co-written volumes from MIT Press, Water Place and Equity and The Power of Narratives in Environmental Networks. Her investigation of water policy began in the 1960s when she studied a proposal to put a dam in the Grand Canyon and environmental groups’ successful campaign against it. Since then she has done research on water policy and institutions in the Colorado River Basin, on the U. S. Mexico border and internationally. She is on the Advisory Committee of the Rosenberg Forum on International Water Policy.

Helen has also made original contributions to “policy design for democracy,” so that ordinary citizens and communities are empowered with the tools and opportunities for self-government.