In progress — we are still adding some readings, but please go ahead with Week 1!

Week 1Sept 11IntroductionGeoffrey Bowker and Susan Leigh Star, To classify is human

Optional/in class mention: Plato, Phaedrus
Week 2Sept 18TaxonomyMichel Foucault, Natural history and structure
Rachel Ankeny and Sabina Leonelli, What’s so special about model organisms?

Optional/in class mention: Alfred Kinsey, code sheet
Optional/in class mention: Lorraine Daston, On scientific observation
Optional: attend Nicole Nelson’s STS lunch right after class
Week 3Sept 25DefinitionsMary Douglas, The abominations of Leviticus (pp. 42-58)
Imre Lakatos, Proofs and refutations

Optional/in class mention: legal definitions of tomatoes and porn
Week 4Oct 2CensusesMelissa Nobles, Preface to Shades of Citizenship (chapter 1 only)
Ian Hacking, Public amateurs, secret bureaucrats

Optional/in class mention: B. R. Ambedkar, From millions to fractions
Week 5Oct 9Producing data (structures)Chris Phillips, The bases of data
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Carl Correns’s Experiments on Xenia
Iain Morland, Intersex

Optional/in class mention: Geoffrey Bowker and Susan Leigh Star, The case of race classification and reclassification under apartheid
Optional/in class mention: Dmitri Mendeleev’s periodic table
Week 6Oct 16Social learning/ machine learningSally Haslanger, Tracing the sociopolitical reality of race
Quayshawn Spencer, How to be a biological racial realist

Optional: Joseph M. Pierce, In search of an authentic Indian
Week 7Oct 23Medicine and representationSteven Epstein, Histories of the human subject
Sarah Igo, America in aggregate
Week 8Oct 30MappingMark Monmonmier, Data maps: A thicket of thorny choices
Week 9Nov 6State as classifierNikolas Rose, Governing by numbers: Figuring out democracy
James Scott, Seeing like a state (intro)
Week 10Nov 13Boundary workThomas Gieryn, Boundary-work and the demarcation of science from non-science

Optional/in class mention: Manan Ahmed interview on youtube
Optional: attend Crystal Lee’s STS lunch right after class
Week 11Nov 20PolicingSylvia Wynter, No humans involved: An open letter to my colleagues

Optional: attend Laura Alex Frye-Levine’s STS lunch right after class
Nov 26no classes
Week 12Dec 4SpeciesSyl Ko, By “human,” everybody just means “white”
Donna Haraway, selections from The Companion Species Manifesto (pp. 93-124)

Optional/in class mention: Louis Menand, Morton, Agassiz and the origins of scientific racism in the U.S.
Week 13Dec 11CitizenshipKatherine Verdery, Whither ‘nation’ and ‘nationalism’
Lauren Berlant, Citizenship