Spring 2018 Schedule

Jan 19

Grace Kim
Using Microbiology to Restore Art and Cultural Heritage

Jan 26

Ben Wurgaft
(MIT Anthro)
Laboratory-Grown Meat and the Future of Food

Feb 2

 [no meeting – see Feb 14]

Feb 9

Deborah Levine
(Providence College Health Policy)
Weight Loss, Biometrics, and Citizenship in U.S. History
Weds Feb 14 at 3:15 Cathy O’Neil
Algorithms and Their Discontentsspecial location: Alumnae Lounge 

Feb 16

Jean-Michel Molenaar
(Tufts Biomed Eng)
Maker Culture

Feb 23

Floor Van de Velde
(Tufts/SMFA Sculpture)
Computation, Art, and Creativity

Mar 2

Stéphanie Pache
(Lausanne/Harvard Hist Sci)
Gender, Violence, and Psychology: A Feminist History

Mar 9

Dwai Banerjee

Pharmaceutical Rights: The Struggle for Cancer Drugs in Contemporary India

Mar 16

Damien Williams
(Virginia Tech STS)

 Experts, Algorithms, and Bias

Mar 23

[spring break]

Mar 30

Mary Gray
(MSR Social Sciences)
What STS Can Teach Us about the Future of Work in the Shadow of AI

Apr 6

 [no meeting – see Apr 9]
Mon Apr 9 at 5pm Michelle Jones
(NYU American Studies)
Infrastructures of Imprisonment: Invisible Women and the Carceral State

Apr 13

Tina Eliassi-Rad
(Northeastern CS/Network Science)
Just Machine Learning

Apr 20

Moya Bailey
(Northeastern CSGS/WGSS)
Black Feminist Health Science Studies

Apr 27

Adam Leeds
(Harvard International & Area Studies)
Technology and Politics in the Soviet Union

About the lunch seminar

STS Lunch Seminar runs as an undergraduate course through the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at Tufts.  We expect it to be attended by a mix of undergraduates, faculty, and grads from nearby programs.  The seminar meets on Fridays from 12-1:15 in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room.  (Directions)

Seminar format:  speakers should expect to present for about 40 minutes, leaving at least 30 minutes for questions and discussion.  Students who are enrolled in the course will be expected to turn in a short response paper each week about the presentation from the previous week.

All are welcome, whether enrolled or not, whether Tufts-affiliated or not.

We’ll always serve lunch, and we’ll try to correctly anticipate attendance numbers!