COVID-19 Update:
The STS Lunch Seminar will be moving online for the remainder of the semester. Watch here for the latest updates.

Spring 2020 Schedule

Jan 17   [no talk; introduction to course]
Jan 24

Momin Malik (Harvard)

How STS Can Improve Data Science
Jan 31 Heather Rosenfeld (Tufts, MGGG) Farm Animals and Sanctuary Science
Feb 7
Tarleton Gillespie (Microsoft Research New England) Content Moderation, Everywhere
Feb 14 Gabrielle Robbins (MIT) Exploring the Pharmaceutical Industry “On the Ground” in Madagascar
Feb 21 Malick Ghachem (MIT) Is a Social Scientific Definition of Slavery Possible?
Feb 28 Ben Wolfe (Tufts) Making Model Microbiomes
Mar 6 Stefan Helmreich (MIT) Flipping the Ship
Mar 13 Victoria Massie (UC Berkeley) Sharing Genetic Cameroonian Ancestry, Building Utopia
Mar 20   Spring Break –– No Class
Mar 27 Daniel Dennett (Tufts)


The Information Arms Race
Apr 3 Alex Blanchette (Tufts) Porkopolis, or the State of Human Labor on American Factory Farms
Apr 10 Jill Weinberg (Tufts) Law, Doctors, and the Right-to-Die
Apr 17 Eram Alam (Harvard) The Care of Foreigners

About the lunch seminar

STS Lunch Seminar runs as an undergraduate course through the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at Tufts.  We expect it to be attended by a mix of undergraduates, faculty, and grads from nearby programs.  The seminar meets on Fridays from 12-1:15 in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room. (Directions)

Seminar format:  speakers should expect to present for about 40 minutes, leaving at least 30 minutes for questions and discussion.  Students who are enrolled in the course will be expected to turn in a short response paper each week about the presentation from the previous week.

All are welcome, whether enrolled or not, whether Tufts-affiliated or not.

We’ll always serve lunch, and we’ll try to correctly anticipate attendance numbers!