Jan 18[no talk; introduction to course]
Jan 25Patrick Forber(Tufts STS & Philosophy)Conflict, Convention, and the Origins of Ownership
Feb 1 Christoph Riedl (Northeastern Network Science)Learning from Mixed Signals
Feb 8Nick Seaver
(Tufts STS & Anthropology)
Avidity and Difference in Algorithmic Recommendation
Feb 15Alisha Rankin
(Tufts STS & History)
Testing Antidotes in Renaissance Europe
Feb 22Jennifer Hsieh
(Harvard Fairbank Center)
“Do you hear that?” Sonic Encroachments and the Techno-Semiotic Ear
March 1Gili Vidan
(Harvard History of Science)
Cryptography and the Politics of Decentralization
March 8 Ricky Crano
(Tufts English & STS)
 Swipe Life: Neoliberal Epistemology and the Digital Dispositif
March 15Evan Hepler-Smith
(BC History and Science & Tech)
Do Molecules have Politics?
March 22Spring Break – No Seminar
March 29Deirdre Loughridge
(Northeastern Music)
Discourses of Nature and Technology in EDM-Pop Music
April 5 Rory Smead
(Northeastern Philosophy)
Spite, Inequity Aversion, and Revenge
April 12Jennifer Light
Constructing the Sheltered Childhood
April 19Debbie Weinstein
(Brown American Studies)
The Eugenics of War and Peace
April 26 Jess Keiser
(Tufts STS & English)
The Pineal Gland: A Comedy in Three Acts