Spring 2018 Schedule

Jan 19

Grace Kim
Using Microbiology to Restore Art and Cultural Heritage

Jan 26

Ben Wurgaft
(MIT Anthro)
Laboratory-Grown Meat and the Future of Food

Feb 2

[no meeting – see Feb 14]

Feb 9

Deborah Levine
(Providence College Health Policy)
Weight Loss, Biometrics, and Citizenship in U.S. History
Weds Feb 14 at 3:15 Cathy O’Neil
Algorithms and Their Discontentsspecial location: Alumnae Lounge

Feb 16

Jean-Michel Molenaar
(Tufts Biomed Eng)
Maker Culture

Feb 23

Floor Van de Velde
(Tufts/SMFA Sculpture)
Computation, Art, and Creativity

Mar 2

Stéphanie Pache
(Lausanne/Harvard Hist Sci)
Gender, Violence, and Psychology: A Feminist History

Mar 9

Dwai Banerjee

Pharmaceutical Rights: The Struggle for Cancer Drugs in Contemporary India

Mar 16

Damien Williams
(Virginia Tech STS)

Experts, Algorithms, and Bias

Mar 23

[spring break]

Mar 30

Mary Gray
(MSR Social Sciences)
What STS Can Teach Us about the Future of Work in the Shadow of AI

Apr 6

[no meeting – see Apr 9]
Mon Apr 9 at 5pm Michelle Jones
(NYU American Studies)
Infrastructures of Imprisonment: Invisible Women and the Carceral State

Apr 13

Tina Eliassi-Rad
(Northeastern CS/Network Science)
Just Machine Learning

Apr 20

Moya Bailey
(Northeastern CSGS/WGSS)
Black Feminist Health Science Studies

Apr 27

Adam Leeds
(Harvard International & Area Studies)
Technology and Politics in the Soviet Union