Spring 2023 Schedule

DateSpeakerTalk TitleModality
Jan. 20[no talk; introduction to course]
Jan. 27Joe Auner
(Tufts University)
“Feedback as Interface”in-person
Feb. 3Nick Rabb
(Tufts University)
“Modeling Disinformation and How the Models Model Us”in-person
Feb. 10Thuy Linh Tu
(New York University)
“An Archive of Feet: Military Dermatology and the Science of Beauty”via Zoom / audience is in-person
Feb. 17Christina Agapakis
(Ginkgo Bioworks)
“Corporate STS: breaking silos and working sociotechnically”in-person
Feb. 24Sarah Sobieraj
(Tufts University)
“Digital Hate, Political Voice, and Social Inequalities”in-person
Mar. 3D.E. Wittkower
(Old Dominion University)
“What even are cats?: A phenomenological investigation”via Zoom / audience is in-person
Mar. 10Tatiana Chudakova
(Tufts University)
“Antiviral Viralities: Navigating Rumor, Shortage, and Drug Efficacies in Russia”in-person
Mar. 17[no talk – free day!]
Mar. 24[no talk – Spring Break]
Mar. 31Anthony Kwame Harrison
(Virginia Tech)
“From Hypodescent to Musical Segregation: The Racialized Stakes of Sonic Belonging and Estrangement”in-person
Apr. 7Giulia Taurino
(Northeastern University)
“Training ML Models for the Study of Culture”in-person
Apr. 14Justin Hollander
(Tufts University)
“First City on Mars: An Urban Planner’s Guide to Settling the Red Planet”in-person
Apr. 21[no talk – substitute Monday’s schedule on Friday]
Apr. 28Hi’ilei Hobart
(Yale University)
“Thermal Sovereignties”via Zoom / audience is in-person
COVID-19 Update:
This spring, our lunch seminar will be in-person. Some of our speakers will be in-person, and some will be virtual. We also have some long-awaited news: for the first time since March 2020, we are able to serve lunch at the lunch seminar!

About the lunch seminar

STS Lunch Seminar runs as an undergraduate course through the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at Tufts.  We expect it to be attended by a mix of undergraduates, faculty, staff, and graduate students from nearby programs. The seminar meets Fridays from 12-1:15pm EST. This semester, we will be in Lincoln-Filene Hall, Room 201 (the old Rabb Room, as opposed to the new one in Barnum Hall). For an address, directions, and a campus map, click here.

Seminar format:  speakers should expect to present for about 35-45 minutes, leaving at least 30 minutes for questions and discussion. Students who are enrolled in the course will be expected to write responses to the presentations each week.

All are welcome, whether enrolled or not, whether Tufts-affiliated or not.