Sept. 11[no talk; introduction to course]
Sept. 18Nicole Nelson
(UW Madison)
“How we talk about reproducibility in science”
Sept. 25Jack Leff
(Virginia Tech)
“Police terror and securitizing the air”
Oct. 2June Jeon
(Tufts University)
“Studying scientists at work”
Oct. 9Karin Knudson
(Tufts University)
“Flavors of Uncertainty”
Oct. 16Saul Halfon
(Virginia Tech)
“Meat Inspection at the USDA & Thinking With Institutions”
Oct. 23Caleb Scoville
(Tufts University)
“Endangered Species Politics”
Oct. 30Danya Glabau
“Feminist STS In and Out of Academia”
Nov. 6Thea Riofrancos
(Providence College)
“A Globally Just Green New Deal”
Nov. 13Crystal Lee
“The Promises and Perils of Data Visualization”
Nov. 20Laura Alex Frye-Levine
“What happens when ecology and economics meet”
Dec. 4Ben Wilson
“The Scientific Power Elite in the Age of Nuclear Weapons”