Spring 2023 Schedule

DateSpeakerTalk TitleModality
Jan. 20[no talk; introduction to course]
Jan. 27Joe Auner
(Tufts University)
“Feedback as Interface”in-person
Feb. 3Nick Rabb
(Tufts University)
“Modeling Disinformation and How the Models Model Us”in-person
Feb. 10Thuy Linh Tu
(New York University)
“An Archive of Feet: Military Dermatology and the Science of Beauty”via Zoom / audience is in-person
Feb. 17Christina Agapakis
(Ginkgo Bioworks)
“Corporate STS: breaking silos and working sociotechnically”in-person
Feb. 24Sarah Sobieraj
(Tufts University)
“Digital Hate, Political Voice, and Social Inequalities”in-person
Mar. 3D.E. Wittkower
(Old Dominion University)
“What even are cats?: A phenomenological investigation”via Zoom / audience is in-person
Mar. 10Tatiana Chudakova
(Tufts University)
“Antiviral Viralities: Navigating Rumor, Shortage, and Drug Efficacies in Russia”in-person
Mar. 17[no talk – free day!]
Mar. 24[no talk – Spring Break]
Mar. 31Anthony Kwame Harrison
(Virginia Tech)
“From Hypodescent to Musical Segregation: The Racialized Stakes of Sonic Belonging and Estrangement”in-person
Apr. 7Giulia Taurino
(Northeastern University)
“Training ML Models for the Study of Culture”in-person
Apr. 14Justin Hollander
(Tufts University)
“First City on Mars: An Urban Planner’s Guide to Settling the Red Planet”in-person
Apr. 21[no talk – substitute Monday’s schedule on Friday]
Apr. 28Hi’ilei Hobart
(Yale University)
“Thermal Sovereignties”via Zoom / audience is in-person