Feb. 5[no talk; introduction to course]
Feb. 12Sarah Brayne
(UT Austin)
“Data, Discretion, and the Future of Policing”
Feb. 19Aadita Chaudhury
(York University)
“Wilderness in the fire sciences”
Feb. 26Johnathan Flowers
(Worcester State)
Sonzai-kan, jinba-ittai, and other lessons for STS from Japanese Aesthetics”
Mar. 5Desen Ozkan
(Tufts University)
“Interdisciplinarity and engineering, on paper vs. on the ground”
Mar. 12John Hartigan
(UT Austin)
“An Ethnographic Perspective on the Social Lives of Wild Horses”
Mar. 19STS at Tufts Thesis and Capstone StudentsStudent Thesis and Capstone Workshop
Mar. 26[a pause for spring break]
Apr. 2Liam Kofi Bright (London School of Economics)“Why do scientists lie – and what does W.E.B. Du Bois say we should do about it?”
Apr. 9Madina Agénor
(Tufts University)
“Incorporating Intersectionality into Population Health Research”
Apr. 16Porter White
(Harvard University)
“Mapping Stories in Literature in Life”
Apr. 23Robin Zebrowski
(Beloit College)
“Dr. Von Zoom and the Mole People of Pandemia”
Apr. 30Gus Andrews
(author of Keep Calm and Log On)
“Disinformation, literacy, and trust”