Sept 6[no talk; introduction to course]
Sept 13Moon Duchin
Tufts Math & STS
Math, Race, and Voting Rights
Sept 20Ben Green
Harvard & AI Now!
The Smart Enough City
Sept 24Ruha Benjamin
Princeton African American Studies
A New Jim Code?
Oct 4Joe Auner
Tufts Music & STS
Oct 11Peter Levine
Tufts Political Science & Tisch College
The Politics of Knowledge
Oct 18Zarin Machanda
Tufts Anthropology & Biology
Chimpanzee Technology and Cultural Transmission
Oct 25Samantha Jo Fried
Tisch College
Environmentalism/National Security in Remote Sensing
Nov 1Aidan Kestigian
Tufts STS
Ethics and Decisions in the Case of Artificial Hearts
Nov 8Enoch Lambert
Tufts Center for Cognitive Studies
‘Conceptual Engineering’ in Philosophy
Nov 15Aloni Cohen
BU CS & Law
Compelled Decryption and the Fifth Amendment
Nov 22James Murphy, Michael Hughes, Abiy Tasissa
Tufts Math / CS
Algorithms and Explanations Panel
Nov 29[no talk; Thanksgiving]
Dec 6Beth Semel
‘Vocal Biomarkers’ and the Engineering Approach to Mental Illness