Spring 2022 Schedule

Jan. 21[no talk; introduction to course]
Jan. 28Doug Rogers
(Yale University)
“How, Why, and When to Make Oil into Food”
Feb. 4Jonathan Sterne
(McGill University)
“There Are Never Enough Spoons: Politics of Fatigue”
Feb. 11Ahmer Arif
(University of Texas at Austin)
“Staying with the trouble –– A look at how disinformation campaigns have been rewired for the digital age”
Feb. 18Alistair Sponsel
(Tufts University)
“Barriers and Guardians: A History of Ideas and Emotions about Coral Reefs”
Feb. 25Deepa Rao
“How International Political Treaties Govern Scientific Research in Antarctica”
Mar. 4Jess Keiser
(Tufts University)
“The Great Sensorium of the World”
Mar. 11Jason Ludwig
(Cornell University)
“Deluges of Data: ‘Crisis,’ Technology, and Disaster STS”
Mar. 18Daniel Souleles
(Copenhagen Business School)
“Algorithms, automation, and alienation make the market go whoosh!”
Mar. 25[a pause for Spring Break]
Apr. 1Joe Masco
(University of Chicago)
“Anticipatory Knowledge and Planetary Futures”
Apr. 8Virtual Field Trip: Environmental Studies Program (1-3pm via Zoom)Tufts Food Systems Symposium:
Unpacking Meat: Values, Cultures, and Futures”
Apr. 15Alisha Rankin
(Tufts University)
“Diabolical Poisoners: Witchcraft, Poison, and Medicine in Early Modern Europe”
Apr. 22[a pause: Monday’s schedule on Friday]
Apr. 29Anna Jabloner
(Harvard University)
“The Gendered Work of Bio-graphy After Genomics”