Forest Green Team 2020

Emily Calandrela, Kathryn Elliott, Kelsey Foster

Off-grid Thermoelectric Kitchenette

The off-grid thermoelectric refrigerator provides a solution to two problems: greenhouse gas emissions and the lack of access to basic appliances in no-power situations. During power outages, people either have an inability to store perishable items or require a power source such as a diesel generator in order to power appliances such as a refrigerator. Since the thermoelectric refrigerator is powered by solar, it provides an all-in-one zero-emissions alternative to a diesel generator. In order to make solar a feasible method of powering the system, the cooling is accomplished using thermoelectrics, which is more efficient than traditional pumped refrigerant methods. Our final prototype shows the feasibility of cooling a refrigerator using thermoelectrics. The full design would provide a refrigerator, freezer, lamp, and USB charger for electronics.

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