Razzmatazz Team 2021

John “Cam” Gordon, Adam Lipson, Varun Shah, Cole Taylor

Smart Frisbee

Disc golf is a sport that requires extremely precise technique. Slight adjustments in power or release angle could have large impacts on a player’s score. However, there is no way for players to get quantitative feedback about their performance. Team Razzmatazz aims to solve this problem by developing a smart frisbee for disc golf training.

The Ri-disc-ulous Smart Frisbee gives players real-time feedback about their throws so they can adjust their technique accordingly. We have built a prototype disc with an inertial measurement unit (IMU) for measuring motion and a Raspberry Pi microcontroller to process the data. Our prototype detects when throws occur and calculates the velocity and release angle of the disc for each throw. The prototype also collects the necessary data to calculate rotational velocity and has the software capability to transmit results to an external device over bluetooth; both of these features would be feasible to add in the future.

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