Renewable Energy Promotion Project

The goal of this project is to bring together different people at Tufts who are interested in renewable energy. Many organizations on campus, both graduate and undergraduate, work on projects related to energy, and we would like to create a more cohesive community to allow people to collaborate and learn from each other.

Creating our TEG website is a part of this project. We would like it to be a resource for anyone who is looking to get more involved with renewable energy. Our ultimate goal is to create a minor program at Tufts to provide more structure and resources for people who want to pursue renewable energy academically.

Campus Solar

In 2018, Tufts Energy Group installed solar panels on the side of Hodgdon Hall. Energy from the panels is used to power outlets inside the Hodgdon common room and lower patio. The panels are placed in a visible location along with signs showing how they operate, in order to increase awareness among students of renewable energy solutions and how they can be implemented on campus.

Smart Housing

Energy Group helped promote the use of energy efficient features in several new student housing buildings that Tufts renovated over the past year. Tufts also received a grant specifically to build a new house entirely from scratch, with construction focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. TEG participated in the planning process for this house. All of these apartments are now complete and make up the new Community Housing, or “CoHo”.