Research Opportunities

Information on environmentally oriented research on campus

REAP Labs (Renewable Energy and Applied Photonics)
-Department: electrical engineering
-Current research: materials, photovoltaics, thermophotovoltaics, metamaterials, photodetectors, high-speed devices
-Director: Prof. Thomas Vandervelde (
Wind Research

-Prof. Eric Hines (,, civil and environmental engineering
Battery Research

-Prof. Michael Zimmerman (,, mechanical engineering
-solid state batteries
GENELab (Green Energy and Nanostructured Electronics Lab)
-Principal Investigator: Prof. Matthew Panzer (
-Department: chemical and biological engineering
-liquid-based gel electrolytes, electrochemical devices
Power Electronics Research

-Prof  Aleksandar Stankovic (,, electrical and computer engineering
-modeling, control, estimation in electric energy processing, power electronics, power systems, electric drives
-Center for International Environment and Resource Policy
-Director: Kelly Sims Gallagher (,
-Part of Fletcher
-Themes:energy/climate/innovation, agriculture/forests/biodiversity, sustainable development/diplomacy/governance, sustainable development economics
Environmental Sustainability Lab
-Department: civil and environmental engineering
-Principal Investigator: Kurt Pennell (,
-groundwater remediation, nanomaterials, geotechnical engineering, environmental exposure and public health
-other related labs in CEE dept:
NanoCEL Lab
-Nano Catalysis and Energy Laboratory
-Director: Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos (,
-catalytic hydrogen production reactions
-fuel conversions
UEP (Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning) 
-Dept chair: Mary E. Davis (,
-sustainability, housing and community development, water, transportation, food
Energy Modeling and Design

-Prof Deborah Sunter (,
-mechanical engineering