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A new anthology that provides a fresh and comprehensive introduction to the field of critical masculinity studies. Grounded in the theories of masculinities with explicit connections between various theoretical perspectives and the readings, this book examines domains such as the Presidency and men’s responses to feminism. Through the book’s emphasis on cross-cultural perspectives and experiences, readers will find new and provocative takes on masculinity today, such as nerd masculinity, female masculinity, misogyny through social media, feminism and men, and men’s intimate relationships with other men.

“It is nice to get, in one volume, a large collection of seminal works in masculinity, along with the introductions and summaries, and the author interviews. The latter is a very novel feature that I am [very keen about].”

-ANNEGRET STAIGER, Clarkson University

“Most of the selections are recent and if not, they are classics in the field. This is an edited volume that encapsulates current theoretical approaches to masculinity studies. It includes and eclipses the competition because of its critical synthesis of multiple theoretical frames.”

-K. JILL FLEURIET, University of Texas, San Antonio