Program & Videos

The Global Food+ event aims to help us make unexpected new connections, among people and ideas we don’t yet know. To spur that kind of intellectual encounter, the sequence of presentation was random — at the live event there were periodic breaks for attendees to meet each other during the afternoon then a reception after the talks, and the conversation continues on twitter as #GlobalFoodPlus, and through the archive videos below:


Start End Speaker Topic (click for video)
12:30 12:40 Will Masters

Ed Saltzman

Bill Clark

Opening remarks Masters: Professor, Tufts Friedman School

Saltzman: Dean for Academic Affairs, Tufts Friedman School

Clark: Harvey Brooks Professor, Harvard Kennedy School

12:41 12:48 Y. Karen Zheng A data-driven approach to managing food safety in global supply chains Assoc. Professor of Operations Management, MIT
12:49 12:56 Sai K. Das Energy metabolism, calorie restriction and health Asst. Professor of Nutrition, Tufts University
12:57 13:04 Forest Reinhardt Changing institutions for water management John D. Black Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
13:05 13:12 Jenny Aker How technology is (not?) transforming rural Africa Assoc. Professor of Development Economics, Tufts University
13:13 13:20 Ken Strzepek People, water and food in the Nile basin and the Zambezi valley Research Scientist, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, MIT
13:21 13:28 Angela Rigden Climate and crop production Post-doctoral Fellow, Dept of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University
13:45 13:52 Benjamin E. Wolfe Microbial domestication in fermented food microbiomes Asst. Professor of Biology, Tufts University
13:53 14:00 Erin Hennessy Digital imaging for nutritional analysis of restaurant meals Rsch. Asst. Professor of Nutrition, Tufts University
14:01 14:08 Mahesh Karra Long-term consequences of early life nutrition Asst. Professor of Global Development Policy, Boston University
14:09 14:16 Karthish Manthiram Using solar electricity to make nitrogen fertilizer Asst. Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT
14:17 14:24 Mark Brennan Innovations in food aid packaging PhD Candidate, Dept of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT
14:25 14:32 John P. Connors Diversity across scales and the sustainability of food systems Adj Rsch Asst Professor, Dept of Earth and Environment, Boston University
14:33 14:40 Missy Holbrook Plants that use less water Charles Bullard Professor of Forestry, Harvard University
14:41 14:48 Alicia Harley Innovation and access to technology for the poorest farmers Giorgio Ruffolo Fellow and PhD candidate, Harvard Kennedy School
14:49 14:56 Rachael Garrett Scaling up sustainable intensification in South America Asst. Professor, Dept of Earth and Environment, Boston University
15:15 15:22 Colette Heald Air pollution and global crop yields Assoc. Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, MIT
15:23 15:30 Rama Bansil Physics of gels in cooking & digestion Professor of Physics, Boston University
15:31 15:38 Sarah Fletcher Flexible water supply planning under uncertainty PhD Candidate, Institute for Data, Systems, and Society, MIT
15:39 15:46 Radost Stanimirova Modeling and monitoring global rangeland dynamics NASA Fellow and PhD candidate in geography, Boston University
15:47 15:54 Alison Brown Diet and disease among U.S.-born and foreign-born non-Hispanic Blacks Postdoctoral Fellow, Tufts Medical Center
15:55 16:02 Dan McKanan The spiritual roots of modern environmentalism Senior Lecturer in Divinity, Harvard University
16:03 16:10 Deborah Frank Why a pediatrician  cares about food security Prof of Child Health and Well-Being, Boston University
16:11 16:18 William A. Masters The weird global market for baby foods Professor, School of Nutrition & Dept of Economics, Tufts University
16:19 16:30 Kelsey Jack Closing remarks J.L. Paddock Assistant Professor of Economics, Tufts University