Hi – thanks for visiting.  I am a Professor at Tufts University, in the Friedman School of Nutrition with a secondary appointment in the Department of Economics.  Timeline of links below summarize recent work, or click links for publications and funding details, see a few talks on vimeo & youtube, music playlists or my school page or AAEA bio.

Blog posts, photos and outreach are on twitter and on my FoodEcon site.

Recent publications (open access or link to preprint)

  • Sept 2021 article on price data availability, in Food Policy
  • July 2021 working paper on food prices during COVID
  • June 2021 brief on cost of preparing a basic meal for the UN FSS
  • June 2021 report on true cost accounting in food & ag for the UN FSS
  • May 2021 article on cost-effectiveness of food interventions in GFS
  • Mar 2021 article on global nutritional inequality in Nature Food
  • Feb 2021 article on restaurant menu item descriptions in AJPM
  • Jan 2021 article on topic selection and research ethics in AEPP
  • Jan 2021 working paper on measuring resilience in panel data
  • Jan 2021 book chapter on agriculture and undernutrition
  • Dec 2020 article on seasonality of diet costs in Science Advances
  • Dec 2020 background paper on diet costs for the UN system SOFI 2020
  • Oct 2020 article on affordability of nutritious diets in Food Policy
  • Sept 2020 article on health equity & child heights in EHB [preprint]
  • Sept 2020 article on infant feeding & displacement in MCN
  • July 2020 article on a new diet-health index in BMJ Global Health
  • Jan 2020 article on affordability of better diets in Lancet Global Health
  • Sept 2019 article on children’s first foods in Food Policy
  • July 2019 report on quality of infant foods for IFPRI-Malawi
  • June 2019 technical brief on economic evaluation for ANH Academy
  • June 2019 article on seasonality of nutrition outcomes, in AJCN
  • May 2019 review article on economics of nutrition, in ARRE
  • Feb 2019 chapter on agriculture for nutrition, in CABI-IFPRI book
  • Oct 2018 article on contest incentives for child nutrition, in JDE
  • Aug 2018 article on price indexes for cost of nutritious diets, in AJAE
  • Aug 2018 article on nutrition knowledge, in MCN [preprint]
  • July 2018 article on age misreporting and child heights, in Demography
  • Apr 2018 article on education and nutrition in BMC Public Health
  • Jan 2018 article on contest design and incentives in JEBO [preprint]
  • Jan 2018 article on costs & impacts of food interventions in HPP

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Links below list archived news and media, publications and presentations

Student & project papers at ASN (Baltimore), June 8-11

Student & project papers at AAEA (Atlanta),  July 21-23

  • Track session on market prices and malnutrition, with Robel Alemu, Yan Bai and Derek Headey and Ellen McCullough
  •  Selected papers from the CANDASA project:
    • Stevier Kaiyatsa: “Do remote rural people pay higher prices for more nutritious foods? Evidence from 130,975 price observations at rural markets in Malawi, 2007-2017”
    • Kate Schneider: “Advancing the use of household surveys for nutrition: Nutrient adequacy at the household level and the cost of nutritious diets in Malawi”
    • Fantu Bachewe: “Affordability of nutrient adequacy and dietary energy in Ethiopia, 2001-2017”
  • Selected paper from the Nutrition Innovation Lab:
    • Sonia Zaharia: “Measuring Resilience: A Triple-Difference Approach”

Archived news and media

Older articles and working papers

Archived presentations