I am a Professor at Tufts University, in the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy with a secondary appointment in the Department of Economics.

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Recent publications (open access or link to preprint)

  • Mar 2019 review article “Beyond calories: The new economics of nutrition”, for ARRE
  • Feb 2019 chapter on agriculture for improved nutrition, for CABI-IFPRI book
  • Oct 2018 article on contest incentives to improve child nutrition, in JDE
  • Aug 2018 article on price indexes for cost of nutritious diets, in AJAE
  • Aug 2018 article on nutrition knowledge, in Maternal and Child Nutrition [preprint]
  • July 2018 article on age misreporting and child heights, in Demography
  • Apr 2018 article on women’s education and micronutrient deficiencies in BMC Public Health
  • Jan 2018 article on contest design and proportional incentives in JEBO [preprint]
  • Jan 2018 article on costs & impacts of food interventions in Health Policy & Planning
  • Dec 2017 article on ag & nutrition transition, forthcoming in J. of Development Studies
  • Oct 2017 article on priority interventions for S. Asia & Africa in Mat & Child Nutrition
  • Aug 2017 article on incentives to improve childcare services in J. of Health Economics
  • June 2017 report for the World Bank on groundnut policy in Senegal
  • May 2017 technical note for FAO on measuring the cost of nutritious diets
  • Feb 2017 book chapter on private-sector land development in Africa
  • Jan 2017 article on nutrition smoothing in PLOS ONE
  • Dec 2016 article on nutrient testing of infant foods in Mat & Child Nutrition [reprint]

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