Food Economics: Agriculture, Nutrition and Health
Forthcoming, June 2024

The wonderful Amelia Finaret and I have have a forthcoming open-access textbook on Food Economics: Agriculture, Nutrition and Health. The manuscript is available now from us (just ask), and will be in print and online in June (from Palgrave MacMillan, part of the Springer Nature publishing group).  The book offers an accessible treatment of the economic principles used to explain, predict and evaluate change in food systems, from farm production through food manufacturing and consumer behavior. In the first half of the book, corresponding to about six weeks of class, we derive all of the analytical diagrams used for a graphical introduction to economics. In the second half we describe how food systems have changed over time and differ across regions, using charts and tables of recent data from the U.S. and around the world. Details and teaching support materials are on my teaching blog here: https://sites.tufts.edu/foodecon.

The Economics of Agricultural Development: World Food Systems and Resource Use (4th ed., 2022)

The 4th edition is out — details and requests for an eBook inspection copy are available from the publisher’s website, and physical copies can be ordered from there or your local bookstore.

The 3rd edition was published in August 2014, and used copies can readily be obtained from any online bookseller.  Also check out the cover of the Japanese edition, or read a review of the first edition in ERAE.