De Ruiter, J. P. (2013). Methodological paradigms in interaction research. In Wachsmuth, I., De Ruiter, J. P., Jaecks, P., & Kopp, S. (Eds.), Alignment in Communication: Towards a New Theory of Communication (pp. 11-32). Amsterdam: Benjamins.

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Interaction researchers often tend to identify themselves and others with the methods they are using, rather than with the topic they are studying. I survey
a number of commonly used research methods in human interaction research, and indicate some of their strengths, weaknesses, and relative advantages. I will argue that human interaction is a topic of such massive complexity that it will require not only a multidisciplinary approach, but also, and more importantly, a multimethodological approach. This requires open-mindedness about the use of methods that we happen not to be familiar with. Combining different qualitative and quantitative methods to address similar and converging research questions is essential for gaining progress in the complex field of human interaction.