De Ruiter, J. P., Rossignol, S., Vuurpijl, L., Cunningham, D., & Levelt, W. (2003). SLOT: A research platform for investigating multimodal communication. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, 35(3), 408-419.

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In this article, we present the spatial logistics task (SLOT) platform for investigating multimodal com- munication between 2 human participants. Presented are the SLOT communication task and the soft- ware and hardware that has been developed to run SLOT experiments and record the participants’ mul- timodal behavior. SLOT offers a high level of flexibility in varying the context of the communication and is particularly useful in studies of the relationship between pen gestures and speech. We illustrate the use of the SLOT platform by discussing the results of some early experiments. The first is an experi- ment on negotiation with a one-way mirror between the participants, and the second is an exploratory study of automatic recognition of spontaneous pen gestures. The results of these studies demonstrate the usefulness of the SLOT platform for conducting multimodal communication research in both human– human and human–computer interactions.