November 16, 2016
Boston, MA

The innovative “unConference” continued the tradition of the Inclusion, Inc. Forum, The Inclusive City, and Extreme Inclusion, hosting a collaborative, proactive environment where participants can roll up their sleeves and turn ideas into action. This year’s forums also coincided with the launch of IBGC’s latest research report, The Inclusive Innovators, offering fresh thinking on how businesses can play a leadership role in realizing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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April 15-17, 2015
Oxford, England, United Kingdom

The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship is the premier international platform for advancing entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. As part of the series of events and the collaboration between Citi and the Institute for Business in the Global Context (IBGC), the 2015 Forum included a special session on Inclusive Business.

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April 9-10, 2015
Boston, MA

“Inclusion, Inc.” drew upon IBGC’s ongoing research in Inclusive Business, focusing on key barriers and common issues to inclusive business at scale in emerging and developed markets. “Inclusion Inc.” explored the role of corporations in supporting more inclusive and sustainable business models. Key topics for discussion within this theme included the language of Inclusive Business, measurement, and the role of catalytic individuals vs. mandates within corporations. The event brought together scholars, representatives from government, industry, and NGOs, and students to engage in dialogue, exchange ideas, and problem-solve.

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February 4, 2015
London, England, United Kingdom

In February 2015, Citi and Business Fights Poverty hosted an event to learn more about the latest thinking on how to accelerate sustainable and inclusive business, overcoming barriers to scale and the role of partnerships. Informed by the report findings and the experiences of panelists, the event addressed the following questions: What are the key barriers to scaling sustainable and inclusive business? What are the most promising strategies – within business, government, and civil society – for driving scale? And how can these strategies be built into framing the new Sustainable Development Goals and their implementation?

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September 29 – October 2, 2014
Bellagio, Italy

Meeting at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center on Italy’s Lake Como, The Fletcher Inclusive Business Summit convened an influential community of public, private, and social leaders, with the hope of spurring practical, actionable, and successful innovation towards a more stable, prosperous, and inclusive world. Our attention focused on unpacking the tensions and tradeoffs between fast GDP growth and inclusive growth, ultimately creating a practical framework to spawn pilots, projects, and research initiatives.

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Our work in this field dates back even further to our first two Inclusion Forums, “The Inclusive City” and “Extreme Inclusion.” Learn more about those two events below:


May 1-2, 2014
Boston, MA

Co-hosted with the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth
Thought leaders, academics, private sector innovators, policy makers, students, and artists, gathered for a jam-packed two days at the  Inclusive City Conference. The “unconference” combined traditional panels and lectures with unconventional presentations, debates, and rapid prototyping, which sparked many new connections, conversations, and concepts.This conference explored opportunities for private and public innovation to provide essential goods, infrastructure and services to the quickly growing urban poor in emerging urban hubs around the world.

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May 2-3, 2013
Boston, MA

In partnership with MasterCard Worldwide and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
This conference illuminated how organizations are blending collaboration and innovation to serve financially disenfranchised individuals, households and businesses. The broad gathering grappled with central questions such as: Have technological enablers diverted attention from the desired impact — poverty eradication and wellbeing? How have public and private sector efforts integrated all people into viable financial systems? What breakthroughs might inspire us? What really makes a difference in the lives of the poor?

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