Artist Gallery: Liyou Kebede

The Journeys Project is proud to highlight the work of Ethiopian artist Liyou Kebede.

Liyou’s visually arresting work – inspired, in her own words, by human emotion – has appeared in several Fresh FINDings newsletters, and is now housed in our digital gallery that will be continually updated with more of Liyou’s work.

On her own experience as a researcher with the Journeys Project, Liyou writes: “Most of them [respondents] always tell me, even if I cannot help them directly, I have been breathing space for their problems bottled inside for years. It made me feel I did something to impact one’s life.”

Liyou Kebede was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After she completed high school, she joined EiABC (Ethiopian Institute of architecture and building construction). But since she had an interest in visual art, as soon as she completed her 2nd year, she joined the printmaking department at Alle School of fine arts and design. (See gallery for full bio)

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