Financial Biographies of Refugees in Ethiopia

By: Kim Wilson et al.

This collection of profiles from Ethiopia explores stories that highlight refugee and migrant journeys and their efforts to adapt to new surroundings. The profiles, dubbed Financial Biographies, included in this publication depict the grit and resourcefulness required by refugees and migrants to survive and in some cases thrive as they move and settle.

Ethiopia taught us lessons about how new boundaries do not necessarily mean new kinships. Our respondents in Jijiga, a region in the southeast of Ethiopia, had strong ties to relatives in Somalia and had steadfastly preserved their traditions from that country This was despite the fact that they had been residing in the camps for ten or more years. 

The biographies in this publication are intended to preserve the entire financial story of selected respondents and are meant to supplement our other publications, taking the reader into the depths of individual migrant experiences.


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