The research at the integrated Biofunctional Imaging and Therapeutics Laboratory (iBIT Lab) focuses on utilizing non-invasive acoustic and optical imaging techniques with nanomaterials and biological models to understand the structural, functional, molecular and biomechanical heterogeneity of pathologies such as cancer. The triangle in the iBIT lab logo depicts the three directions where biofunctional imaging will be utilized to improve patient care: 1. Guide surgical methods 2. Predict therapeutic response and 3. Design effective therapeutic strategies.

We are a team of Biomedical engineers with interdisciplinary background in Electronics, signal processing, molecular biology, optics and nanotechnology with collaborations with clinicians and researchers in the  Boston Area. We are always looking for enthusiastic highly motivated individuals to join our team. Check out the current openings here.

December 14

Holiday Celebration

The iBIT Team played Yankee Swap to celebrate the end of the year!

November 30

SPIE Travel Awards

Congratulations to Avijit, Chris, and Deeksha who all received travel awards to present their research at the 2023 SPIE Photonics West Congress in San Fransisco.

November 18

BME Research Retreat

Loved having the opportunity to share the research we do with the rest of the Tufts BME department

November 14

Lab Potluck!

the jury is still out on who made the best biriyani

September 9

Optics Club Social

iBITers welcoming new graduate students at the Optics Club Social!

August 24

Visit to Northeastern University!

Amazing gathering and scientific discussions happened today when the Optics groups of Tufts visited Northeastern


August 11

TUBERS visit the lab!

Tufts University Biomedical Engineering Research Scholars ​(TUBERS) Program is for dedicated, academically-talented high school students. Some Tubers came to visit the lab and learn more about our research this summer!

August 5

RO1 Grant Awarded!

Excited to share the news that we received R01 grant from the NIH National Cancer Institute to work on photoacoustic image-guided photodynamic therapy with nanodroplets to improve outcomes in head and neck cancer in collaboration with Nanohybrids Inc!

August 5

End of Summer 2022 Lab Party

August 1

Allison Passes Master’s Thesis Defense!

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