Team members

Research Fellows

We are currently looking for postdoctoral fellows to join the group.

Skills: Ultrasound imaging, photoacoustic imaging, and cancer therapeutics

Graduate Students

Christopher Nguyen

Education: M.S., University of Arizona

Research interests: Photoacoustic Microscopy

Hobbies: games, graphic design

Marvin Xavierselvan

Education: M.S., Bridgeport University

Research interests: nanoparticles, PDT

Hobbies: chess, spending time with Chris

Deeksha Sankepalle

Education: M.S. BME, Wake Forest University

Research interests: image processing, 3D US-PA imaging, cancer imaging

Hobbies: sketching/painting

Skye Edwards

Education: B.S. Bioengineering Biosystems, U.C. San Diego

Research interests: Photoacoustic and ultrasound use in obstetrics and gynecology

Hobbies: Crocheting, cross stitch, embroidery, baking

Avijit Paul

Education: B.Tech CS and Engineering (India); M.S. CS (UK)

Research interests: Photoacoustics, Deep learning, ULM

Hobbies: Writing, painting

Brooke Bednarke

Education: B.S./M.S. BME, University of Vermont

Research interests: nanoparticle characterization and fabrication, drug delivery

Hobbies: poetry, health and wellness

Andrew Langley

Education: B.S. BME, Tufts University

Research interests: Image-guided dosimetry, biophysics, cancer physiology

Hobbies: Competitive fishing

Research Technicians

Allison Sweeney

Education: B.S./M.S. BME, Tufts University

Research interests: photoacoustic imaging, orthopedics, optical imaging, cancer therapy

Hobbies: Reading, anything involving dogs (especially mine), hiking, playing chess

Ronak Shethia

Education: B.S. Pharmacy, University of Mumbai; M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, USC

Research interests: cancer biology and therapy, drug delivery

Hobbies: Watching movies and shows, big-time dog person, hiking, and going to the beach

Undergraduate Students

Patrick Solomon

Education: Tufts BME (EXP 2024)

Research interests: Cancer and drug production

Hobbies: Baseball, golf

Vicky Yang

Education: Tufts BME (EXP 2024)

Research interests: Drug delivery, optical imaging

Hobbies: Hiking, watching Netflix, baking

John Fritz

Education: Tufts BME (EXP 2024)

Research interests: cancer biology

Hobbies: baseball

Interested in joining the team? We have openings for a Research Technician, Graduate Students and Postdocs. Contact Dr. Mallidi with your CV.

  •  Posting for Research Technician here
  • Posting for Postdoctoral Fellow here