Research Technician Job Posting

Research Technician/Assistant (Biomedical Imaging/Cancer Research)

A full-time research technician/assistant position is available with Dr. Srivalleesha Mallidi at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University, Boston MA. A major focus of our research is in the application of imaging to laser/light-activated therapies for cancer and other diseases.

This is an ideal position for Bachelor’s or Master’s students between college graduation and the start of graduate, medical school, or industry jobs. If hired, the student will have a tremendous opportunity to work with numerous experts in the fields of tumor biology, biophysics, imaging, and cancer therapeutics, and will be exposed to a variety of multi-disciplinary research techniques.

QUALIFICATIONS: BS or MS equivalent degree in fields such as biomedical engineering, medical imaging, biophysics, electronics, biology, cell and molecular biology or related field. Research experience in an academic lab is a plus.

SKILLS/ ABILITIES/ COMPETENCIES REQUIRED: This position requires a person who possesses good verbal/written communication skills and must be highly self-motivated. Ability to work in team or individually and ability to work carefully and paying attention to detail is required. Candidates must be energetic and enthusiastic about lab work and be flexible in working on various projects. Experience with Microsoft Office products is a must. Experience with Adobe illustrator is a plus.

PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Setup and prepare routine experiments as directed. May prepare basic solutions and perform base-level procedures/research as assigned. Assist with establishing lab protocols. Assist with interpretation of data, drawing conclusions, which are subsequently depicted graphically using tables, graphs, and charts. Run data processing and Matlab codes on huge data sets and maintaining any relevant or appropriate databases.

Potential Start Date: As soon as possible (by January 1, 2024)

Minimum Commitment: 2 Years

If interested, send CV and letter of application to: Dr. Srivalleesha Mallidi at

CV’s and cover letters will be screened. Applicants of interest will be contacted for a phone interview. Successful phone interviews will result in an on-campus interview.