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AASLH Professional Development Resources

I’ve been recently informed about some really great professional development resources put together by the AASLH’s Professional Development committee that you’ll want to check out.

Basic overview is here: Careers for History Professionals

There’s a good (though short) bibliography, some good thoughtful information about public history education, and some questions to consider about your career path.

They also link to a great white paper called Museum Careers: Fit, Readiness, and Development. Presumably since you’re part of the Tufts community you already have an idea about the fit – but this paper does a good idea of presenting the realities of the museum job world and making suggestions about a way forward. It’s also current to early 2011, so apropos for the current economic climate.


  1. Thanks for sending folks our way Amanda! Also wanted to let you and your peers know about our 3rd annual Online Conference. Details are here:

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I’m working with the Tufts graduate school office right now to make the conference available to the whole community and I’ll make sure I do a special post when I get the results of that.

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