The New Media Consortium, which produces the Horizon Report, is compiling information for its 2011 Museum Edition.

If you’re not familiar with the report, you should be! The Horizon Report is a good, succinct overview of emerging technologies in various fields. They categorize innovations by their “horizon” – how soon it will be before a particular technology will become the next hot topic. Their predictions aren’t always 100% accurate, but they are always thoughtful explorations of how technology will impact our work.

Go, read the 2010 and other reports. They’re a good, well-organized, informative read.

Ed Rodley at the Boston Museum of Science and Thinking About Exhibits is part of the New Media Consortium Advisory Board for their museum report this year, and he wants to get the word out about how museum folk everywhere can help.

As part of the final information-gathering, they’re looking for innovative examples of technologies in museums for inclusion in the report.  See the note below and let them (or me) know of any cool examples you’ve encountered.

So go, check out his post, and find out how you can share what you’ve been learning and thinking about in the ways museums are using technology.