Copying this over directly from NEMA themselves.

Don’t delay!

The early-bird deadline is Friday, October 7th!

Sometimes it’s OK to procrastinate. When it’s a beautiful Saturday and you’d rather sunbathe than clean house for company. When you’re on your way to dinner at your in-laws and you’d rather take the back roads. When your desk is piled high with paperwork, yet somehow, unbelievably, you find yourself detained in a museum gallery for the rest of the day.

This is NOT one of those times. The early-bird deadline for the 2011 NEMA Conference is this Friday. So get off the dime and make your reservations now, as in today!

Here’s why you should register by the early-bird deadline:

  • You will save money. A full 3-day registration is just $260 for NEMA members. The standard rate (Oct. 8-21) is $335. You save $75! (One-day registrations are also available.)
  • You have a better chance of tickets to limited registration events. Two of our events are already sold out! Don’t be left behind when everyone else is having a great time!
  • You can check one big item off your to-do list.
  • You will avoid standing in long registration lines at conference.
  • You will be a hero to the NEMA staff.
  • You will save money. (Or did we already say that?)

Click here to register today!