Today’s “What We’re Reading” post comes to you from Cynthia Robinson, director of the Tufts Museum Studies program.

Many museums conduct professional development workshops for classroom teachers, but until now, most developed their own agendas, with little more than tradition to guide them. Recently, Alfredo Bautista, a former Tufts post-doctoral associate and now Research Scientist and Lecturer at Nanyang Technological University’s National Institute of Education (Singapore), has pulled together a compilation of studies from across the world that summarize the best practices from a variety of countries. Among their findings are that professional development is most effective when teachers are able to engage in active, collaborative learning with opportunities to reflect and experiment, and when the professional development extends over time, rather than existing as a one shot deal.

Read Alfredo’s article, “Teacher Professional Development: International Perspectives and Approaches,” in the open-access journal Psychology, Society & Education. vol. 7(3).