I have been thinking about the passage of time recently. I find it amusing how sometimes this passage is unnoticeable while other times even a second takes forever to go by. Personally for me, the moments associated with positive emotions tend to disappear quickly. In comparison, certain unpleasant times have the power to leave deep emotional scars. By selecting “Time” as the theme for this week, I want to encourage everyone to be a bit more aware and appreciative of the small positive aspects of your lives. I believe everyone can find objects in our living environments which bring them joy, inspire and motivate. 

Let me remind you how to respond.

  • Choose an object what fits the theme
  • Take 1-3 pictures of the object
  • How does the object exemplify what matters to you?
  • What experience in your life made this object matter to you?

Please include the answers to the following information when submitting your entry:

  • What it your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do you do?

Email your stories to Sayyara.huseynli@tufts.edu

P.S. Please note that by submitting your response to this project you agree to its public display.