Our Purpose

Poor nutrition is challenging almost every aspect of our society, contributing to poor health, health disparities, and preventable healthcare spending in the U.S. and globally.  Greater federal coordination and investment in nutrition research could accelerate discoveries across numerous critical areas and positively impact public health, equity, the economy, national security, and the nation’s resilience to new threats.

To accelerate solutions and help address the pressing food and nutrition challenges and opportunities facing our nation, the undersigned organizations stand in support of the need for greater investment and coordination in federal nutrition research.   We echo the call of the white paper, “Strengthening national nutrition research: Rationale and options for a new coordinated federal research effort and authority” (Am J Clin Nutr 2020).  Our support of this white paper does not imply that each signatory has taken a specific policy position on every strategy option referenced in the paper. 

We recognize that a strengthening of federal nutrition research will provide many benefits for our nation and a significant return on investment.  Such research is crucial to lay the foundation for accelerated scientific advances to improve and sustain the health of all Americans, reduce health disparities, lower healthcare spending, strengthen our food system, improve military readiness, and advance innovations and stimulate economic growth.

We call for a national evaluation and strategy development for a new strengthened federal nutrition research effort. 

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