Preparatory Materials

Activity 1 ­- Introducing Greek and Latin

Goal: To expose students to the languages and get them comfortable with the alphabets, primarily Ancient Greek.


Materials: ­Greek Alphabet presentation

­Handouts Greek Alphabet and Latin Alphabet­

Handout/exercise Basic Greek Practice


Activity 2 ­- Introducing Greek and Latin Grammar Concepts

Goal: To give students the necessary information to understand how Greek and Latin are

structured on a basic level. Along with teaching the Greek alphabet, we found instructing the students in basic

grammar to be very beneficial. Our primary aim was to familiarize the students with the concepts

of inflected languages, word agreement, and loose word order. In consequence the students were

able to recognize the concepts when they encountered them in texts, preventing confusion.


Materials:Greek and Latin Grammar presentation

Handout/exercise Getting Used to an Inflected Language