Comparing treebanks in Perseids and Arethusa

Comparing Treebanks with I-AGLDT tool

Follow this link, and enter in the annotation id’s for the two treebanks you want to compare.

NB: This tool is still  in development, for now only use with smaller treebank files.


Comparing Treebanks in Perseids

To compare treebanks in Perseids, you’ll be modifying a base URL that looks like this:[]=12459&gold=12458

There are two numbers in the URL above, as you can see. These numbers are from two different publications. Each is drawn from a modification of this next type of Perseids URL, which you’ll see when you click on your publication:

In the example above, the number you’d want to use is 12370.

It’s also the ONLY number you’ll see if you follow the URL to the Arethusa editing environment:

You’ll see that the doc number in the URL above (12370) matches the second number in the other URL. That’s the one you’ll want to use.

Take the number of your sentence, plug it where you see 12458 in the base URL. Take the document number from the other user’s publication, with which you want to compare your own, and plug it in where you see 12459. The ranges you treebanked will need to be the same, and from the same edition or translation.

Click on the sentence that you’ll see as the result of the URL you’ve constructed, and you’ll see a list of differences. Click ‘View in Arethusa’ under each, for a more in-depth description of the differences. Remember that you can use the ‘comment’ feature in Arethusa to make notes on these differences.