Adding Standard References to Treebank Files

Adding a Standard Reference to a Treebank File

We are actively working on better solutions for identifying the text you are annotating by integrating the Treebank input form with the Perseus Catalog. In the meantime, there are ways you can supply this information manually to associate your treebank file with the correct CTS URN identifier for the text.

Via the Input Form:
You can supply the CTS URN for the text you are entering in the Text URI input field on the New Treebank Annotation input form. Any text we have assigned a URN to should be searchable in the Perseus Catalog but it isn’t always completely straightforward to determine which URN to use. (You can find out more about the URN identifiers used in the catalog at )

E.g. for Catullus, if you are taking the text from the Perseus edition that’s online, you could use:


Or if it’s from another version, which might not be in our catalog, you could just use the work identifier:


It’s even better if you can supply the passage identifier. So, for example if you are working on poem 1, this would be then:


We will hopefully soon make this easier for users by leveraging the Perseus resources more automatically.

Adding to an Existing Treebank file
The CTS URN for the work or edition belongs in the @document_id attribute of the sentence elements.

The passage identifier for the passage to which a sentence belongs goes in the @subdoc attribute of the sentence elements.