Treebanking Tagsets

Built into the Arethusa new Treeabank page is the option to select from a list of available tagsets. Documentation for each of these tagsets is available online.  We encourage you to select from the following list for Ancient Greek or Latin treebanking.

ALDT (Ancient Language Dependency Treebank)- Which follows the Prague dependency standards. Also has versions which will not populate a tree with Morphological information. Greek guidelines and Latin Guidelines are available.

Smyth Grammar Tagset– An Ancient Greek Tagset based on the Smyth Greek Grammar, and designed by Giuseppe G. A. Celano.

JMH Tagsets – A set of Greek and Latin Tagsets designed by Prof Matthew Harrington at Tufts University which maps to the standard conventions for teaching Greek and Latin.

Universal Dependencies – Universal Dependencies (UD) is a project that is developing cross-linguistically consistent treebank annotation for many different languages.

These tagsets are well documented and allow the trees you produce to be integrated into existing treeabank projects. There are other tagsets available built into Arethusa, though not available from the main page. It is also possible to design your own tagset, however, we only recommend that to users with advanced technical knowledge.