I have been a Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Tufts University since 1979, my primary academic appointment.  My interprofessional teaching and research involves several schools and departments across Tufts University including the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (Occupational Therapy, School Psychology, and Urban Environmental Policy and Planning), the School of Medicine (Public Health & Community Medicine Program in Pain Research, Education and Policy; Department of Psychiatry), and the School of Dentistry (Oral Health in Inpatient Psychiatry Tufts Medical Center). Secondary appointments are as Professor of Psychiatry and Professor of Public Health & Community Medicine.

My teaching currently includes the following courses:

Group Theory and Community Based Practice for Occupational Therapy Students

Occupational Therapy Doctoral Program:  Proseminar on Leadership, Leadership Project Planning, Leadership Project Implementation, and Integrative Paper

Running Effective Groups Interdisciplinary Group Process and Leadership: A cross-listed course with Occupational Therapy, School Psychology, and Urban Environmental Policy and Planning