Corrupted Science

“Corrupted Science” was developed as part of a series of lectures that explores the disengagement of science from its ethical roots, resulting in a loss of honesty, integrity, objectivity, autonomy, and public confidence.

A series of power point presentations highlight the corrupting influences on scientific practice. This site grew out of the research for the book Science in the Private Interest (Rowman & Littlefield Pub., 2003).

This project was supported by the Common Benefit Litigation Expense Trust.

Outline of Presentations:

  1. Historical Background – Policies supporting the breakdown of sector boundaries between academia and the commercial world
  2. Corporate Influence in Academic Science
  3. Withholding Information – Is secrecy in science on the rise?
  4. GhostwritingCan we be certain that the name on an article is the author?
  5. Funding Effect in ScienceDoes private sponsorship of research bias the outcome?
  6. Scientific Journals and Conflict of InterestHow are science journals responding to author conflict of interest?
  7. Ethics and Science Advisory CommitteesHow do government rules address conflicts of interest of scientists serving on federal advisory committees?
  8. Conflict of Interest within Government Science – What ethical rules govern scientists serving within government agencies?
  9. Government and Professional Society Reports and Documents on Conflict of Interest
  10. Investigative Media Reports on Academic Industry Relations