“The Borders of Freedom,” original lyrics and music by Sheldon Krimsky and Paul Lenart

This song/video titled, “The Borders of Freedom” was written to support immigration rights groups. Original lyrics and music by Sheldon Krimsky and Paul Lenart. The song, sung by Dan Brenner, is overlaid on imagery of past and present immigration. “The Borders of Freedom” discusses the immigration crisis in the context of US historical immigration and Emma Lazarus’ poem on the Statue of Liberty.

If you wish to use the video/song for your advocacy at no cost, contact and you will receive the file for your organization’s use.

Stem Cell Dialogues by Sheldon Krimsky (harmonica) and Tom Casesa (piano)

Music at book release event at Vivaldi Café in Greenwich Village for Stem Cell Dialogues, June 2015.

“The River is Wide” by The Kingston Trio,” performed by Sheldon Krimsky and Eliot Krimsky