Welcome to the Shultz Group

Research Focus

We are a laboratory focused on creating materials for practical applications like providing clean water, or creating materials that limit release of small molecules into the environment, or designing interfaces for energy applications. The common thread is a need for a molecular-level picture of interactions between multiple species at the interface modulated by interaction with the bulk material on both sides of the surface. Thus, all projects rest on a base of inventing novel instruments or extending existing ones to new frontiers. To learn more, visit our research page.

Group News

DEC 2020 | Nick and Tongzhou’s “Photosynthesis of a Photocatalyst” has been published in J. Phys. Chem. A – DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.0c08527

NOV 2020 | The group welcomes two new graduate students, Jonathan and Ziqing!

AUG 2020 | Congratulations on the new job, Dr. Patrick Bisson!

MAR 2020 | Shultz laboratory joins other institutions in a $7.5 M Multi-Institution Air Force Grant studying ice nucleation

Ice MURI goals at a glance

SEP 2023 | Mary, Emma, Zhenyu attend PCI-2023 conference at Hokkaido University.

Mary, Emma, Zhenyu at the birthplace of the first artificial snow crystal

MAR 2020 | The Shultz group welcomed prospective students at the Tufts Chemistry Open House.

Emma and Ally present the Shultz Lab poster for the first time!

FEB 2020 | Joam, Nick, Becca, and Mengyao (Stephanopoulos Group) head back to the Argonne National Laboratory APS (12-BM-B) to collect XAS spectra of photocatalytic nanoparticles.

Sample holder at 12-BM-B

NOV 2019 | The Shultz Group welcomes two new graduate students, Emma and Ally!

OCT 2019 | Mary, Nick, Becca, and Mengyao (Stephanopoulos Group) head to the Argonne National Laboratory APS (16-BM-D) to collect XAS spectra of photocatalytic nanoparticles.

Mary, Nick, and Mengyao walking up to Argonne National Laboratory

SEPT 2019 | Shultz receives $1M DOE funding to investigate potential of ultra-nano particles to address pressing energy concerns.

DOE goals at a glance

AUG 2019 | The lab heads to ACS San Diego! Mary gives talks on ice and phase-sensitive SFG; Joam and Nick give posters.

MAR 2019 | Shultz gives an invited talk at APS Boston Conference.

MAR 2019 | Our paper entitled “Gold as a Standard Phase Reference in Complex Sum Frequency Generation Measurements” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Physics.

FEB 2019 | Shultz gives a talk at U.C. Berkeley on the SBW Interferometer.