David Glancy

David Glancy
Assistant Professor, National Defense University

Dr. David Glancy is an Assistant Professor (contractor – Booz Allen Hamilton) with the War and Conflict Studies Department at the College of International Security Affairs (CISA) at National Defense University. Prior to joining CISA, Dr. Glancy provided strategic communications assistance and organizational management advice to a variety of government clients for Booz Allen Hamilton.

Before moving to consulting, Dr. Glancy held positions at both the State Department and Defense Department. At the State Department, he served as a Senior Advisor for Political-Military Affairs. At the Defense Department, Dr. Glancy was a policy analyst and advisor with the Office of the Secretary of Defense. His work primarily focused on security cooperation and strengthening defense relationships with the countries in the Eurasia region. He also served a year as the Director of the Global War on Terrorism Communications Group which was established by the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Dr. Glancy’s research interests include how political risk factors influence the investment decisions of financial managers at sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, and corporations; whether or not there are regional differences between SWFs in how they view political risk; and global economics and the intersection of economic and international security issues.

Latest work: