Building Bridges

Building Bridges is an annual symposium organized through a cooperative effort between SovereigNET, K&L Gates, and the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds that focuses on global infrastructure finance and the role of multi-functional roles of sovereign and public investors.

Building Bridges VII: Spotlighting on “S” and “G”: Institutional Investment Strategies for Social and Governance Impacts

Thursday, October 17, 2019

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The seventh Annual Building Bridges Conference will dissect institutional investment strategies for social and governance impacts. When it comes to ESG considerations, environmental factors (the “E”) get great attention, but interest among institutions in social and governance impacts (the “S” and “G”) is surging.  From infrastructure to the total institutional portfolio, the Summit will gather investors, practitioners, policymakers, teachers, and students to examine, discuss, and debate “S” and “G” as they inform institutional investment strategies and drive social and governance impacts.

SovereigNET members debate the priorities of investment stability versus development at home during the 2014 Building Bridges Conference at K&L Gates Offices in Washington DC.
From left to right: Tom Holt, Patrick Schena, Braden Weinstock, Shahrohk Fardoust, Jennifer Johnson-Calari, Eliot Kalter, Governor Ewart Williams

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Building Bridges VI: Financing Public Infrastructure in North America: Myths, Risks, Realities

The 2018 symposium dissected the Trump administration’s infrastructure initiatives by parsing myths and risks to unmask the potential scale and scope of new investment opportunities in US public infrastructure.

Building Bridges V: Sustainable Investing through Infrastructure: Building Portfolios for the Long-term

The central theme of the 2017 symposium was long-term, sustainable infrastructure investment. The discussion explored the role of infrastructure as a long-term asset class through the lens of the “impact”-conscious investor.

Building Bridges IV: Bridging the Public-Private Divide through Pooled Investment Platforms

The central theme of the 2016 symposium was “Bridging the Public-Private Divide through Pooled Investment Platforms.” The discussion focused on the design of innovative financing platforms to narrow the global infrastructure investment gap.

Building Bridges III: Innovations in Infrastructure Finance and Investment

The central theme of the 2015 symposium was “Innovations in Infrastructure Finance and Investment.” The discussion focused on the building of successful financing platforms and structures to bridge the infrastructure investment gap and promote the development of well-executed projects with superior investment returns.

Building Bridges II: Engaging the Institutional Investor in Global Infrastructure

The 2014 edition of the Building Bridges symposium examined the burgeoning gap between global infrastructure needs and funding sources and the role of sovereign wealth funds, government pension funds, and other institutional investors in bridging that gap.