Student Affiliate Program

Are you interested in global finance, sovereign and public investment, or private equity? Perhaps you are intrigued by the role of governments and markets in financing national development? Or… are you pursuing a career in finance and interested in exploring where and how the public and private sectors meet?

In December 2017, we launched a Student Affiliate Program open exclusively to Fletcher students. This program offers the opportunity to engage with a global community of scholars and practitioners, contribute research, and support both self-initiated and institutional programming on sovereign and public investment. Are you doing research on project finance, development finance, sustainability, social investment, or political risk? Join us to explore some the outer reaches of your research and interests.

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Why should you be a Student Affiliate?

Ayan Abshir

As a Somali American, I have seen that one the key issues impacting growth in Somalia is a lack of funding for development in the country, more particularly in infrastructure, which is an issue in continental Africa overall. This has fueled my passion for development finance, & identifying investment opportunities for sustainable infrastructure development in Africa and understanding the role private market and FDI play in sparking capital mobilization in Africa. Through the SovereigNet affiliate program as well as my position as the Research Assistant for VentureLift Africa, I will be able to identify how private investments can come together with institutional partners on the domestic level (like SWF) in order to develop and improve green infrastructure in Africa.

Yulin Chen-Landvoy

Funds founded with the idea of managing the excess reserves for a country state is by itself a simple yet complicated notion. I was immediately drawn to such concepts that effective management of a country’s sovereign wealth fund can further stabilize the said county’s economy through diversified international investing and generate wealth for future generations. The interconnectedness and the intricacy of Sovereign wealth funds between countries play a meaningful role in the global political-economic where countries invest in each other, generate revenue gains from exporting natural resources meant to bring stability to government finances and to provide long-term economic stimulus. Conversely, how do financial stability and long-term economic gain to its citizens translate to political stability and further give rise to a free and open democracy?

Sourav Panda

1.7 billion people are excluded from the folds of formal financial systems. Most of them are from emerging economies. I worked at the largest bank in India, helping small farmers and agri-enterprises access capital. I could witness the limitations of branch-banking in bringing about social equity from very close quarters. My goal is to make funds affordable and accessible for farmers and social enterprises in the emergent markets. As an affiliate of SovereigNet, I plan to study opportunities of allocating the capital from SWFs in socially responsible ways. I also seek to dig deeper into the use of innovative financing strategies by these funds to help countries achieve SDGs.

2021-2022 Student Affiliate Class

Garima Gupta is a Master of International Business candidate at The Fletcher School. Prior to Tufts, she worked as a corporate lawyer in India. She currently works as a Graduate Research Assistant for SovereigNET and as a Research Analyst for management consulting firm, Women in Digital TransformationYulin Chen-Landvoy is a Global Business Administration candidate at The Fletcher School, focusing on Global Political Economic, Global State of Democracy, Human Rights, and International Finance. She currently serves as the Director of Finance at Midwest International Standard Products, Inc., serves on the steering committee of Parenting Awareness Michigan, practices active citizenry within her local, state communities, and serves as a Graduate Research Assistant for SovereigNET.