Student Affiliate Program

Are you interested in global finance, sovereign and public investment, or private equity? Perhaps you are intrigued by the role of governments and markets in financing national development? Or… are you pursuing a career in finance and interested in exploring where and how the public and private sectors meet?

In December 2017, we launched a Student Affiliate Program open exclusively to Fletcher students. This program offers the opportunity to engage with a global community of scholars and practitioners, contribute research, and support both self-initiated and institutional programming on sovereign and public investment. Are you doing research on project finance, development finance, sustainability, social investment, or political risk? Join us to explore some the outer reaches of your research and interests.

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Why should you be a Student Affiliate?

Charles Birts

Eight men own the same wealth as 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity. I have a professional background in public-private partnerships and applying new innovative business techniques to unlock value addressing socio-economic problems. SovereigNET links my professional background with my field of study and allows practical industry learnings in alignment with my pursuant career interests.

Madhuri Mukherjee

I am very interested in impact investment; specifically to understand how financial capital from private capital markets, corporations and institutional investors can be allocated to fund social impact enterprises, maintain long term sustainable investment practices and manage non-traditional risks. Affiliation with SovereigNet provides me with a platform to explore how large scale institutional capital providers can co-invest and partner with other stakeholders in the impact investment industry to build a sustainable investments ecosystem.

Luis Carlos Ramírez Martínez

I am an International Economic Law attorney, with more than 10 years of experience working in Colombia for both private and public sectors in the specific areas of Trade Law and Investment instruments. It is crucial to be aware and forestall threatens and strategies to mitigate undesirable effects. Thus, the work of SovereigNet in the field of Political Risk is so important to my profession and fields of study here at Fletcher,

2021-2022 Student Affiliate Class

Garima Gupta is a Master of International Business candidate at The Fletcher School. Prior to Tufts, she worked as a corporate lawyer in India. She currently works as a Graduate Research Assistant for SovereigNET and as a Research Analyst for management consulting firm, Women in Digital TransformationMary Menzemer a is a Master of International Business candidate at The Fletcher School, focusing on International Finance and Development Economics. During her time at Tufts, she has worked as an Investment Consulting Intern at NEPC, LLC and as a Graduate Research Assistant for SovereigNET.