Mumtalakat and Bahrain’s National Economic Strategy – Straddling Performance and Liquidity (Case Study)

by Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi “Mumtalakat: Straddling Performance and Liquidity” is an interdisciplinary case, intended for use as a pedagogical tool,

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The Vultures vs. The Delinquent Sovereign – The Fight over Argentine Bonds in NML Capital Limited vs. Republic of Argentina

by Kiran H. Mehta, Thomas F. Holt, Kristen L. Schneider In 2001, the Republic of Argentina defaulted on over $100 billion

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Persian Gulf based SWFs & Financial Hubs in Bahrain, Dubai and Qatar – A Case of Competitive Branding

by Asim Ali, Shatha Al-Aswad Competitive branding between Bahrain, Qatar, and UAE has been made apparent on different levels; from oil,

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