There are many resources available to help meet educational expenses, including grants and scholarships as well as loans and employment programs. Grants and scholarships are considered the most favorable form of financial aid because they do not generally require repayment. There may be other criteria associated with grant and scholarship eligibility, such as financial need and satisfactory academic progress. Application requirements and deadlines are set by the organization providing the assistance. In addition to school-based financial aid, applicants may by eligible for federal and state financial aid as well as aid scholarships offered by regional associations, local organizations, clubs and businesses.

The information provided within these pages is supplemental to information provided directly by the Cummings Veterinary School Financial Aid Office and through the official school website (http://vet.tufts.edu/admissions/financial-aid/).

How and when do students apply for financial aid?

Application materials and deadlines are published annually via https://vet.tufts.edu/admissions/financial-aid/aid-basics/. Prospective students will receive application information from the Admissions Office. Continuing students will receive annual application information by email from the Financial Aid Office.

DVM Program

Cummings School DVM students may apply for institutional financial aid and federal student aid.

Institutional aid is awarded on the basis of calculated financial need.  Using an institutional need analysis, the Financial Aid Office will determine a student’s need and develop a financial aid package that may include a combination of institutional funds and federal student loans.  Students who do not qualify for institutional aid will receive an aid package made up of federal loans, if eligible.

Graduate Programs
Animals & Public Policy ♦ Conservation Medicine ♦ Infectious Disease & Global Health

Students enrolled in Cummings School graduate programs may apply for federal student aid.  Institutional financial aid is not available for MS-Graduate programs.

DVM Students
To apply for both institutional & federal aidTo apply for federal aid only
*CSS Profile Application
*Free Application for Federal Student Aid
*A copy of student’s federal tax return
*A copy of parents’ federal tax return
*Items required to apply for institutional aid.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Graduate Students

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

MAPP, MCM & IDGH Deadline:  Rolling/ongoing

Tuition Payment Plan

As an alternative to borrowing or making a lump sum tuition payment before each term, you may consider budgeting all or a portion of your tuition charges into monthly payments.  Tufts offers a payment plan option through Cashnet. The earlier you enroll in a payment plan prior to the start of the academic year, the lower each monthly payment will be.  For more information, visit https://commerce.cashnet.com/cashneti/paymentportal/login.aspx.  For additional general billing and payment information, please visit   http://finance.tufts.edu/controller/bursar/generalinfo/.


Federal Student Aid

Student loans:  Federal Direct Student Loans, Health Professions Student Loan (HPSL for DVM program only)


Based on the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the school determines eligibility for federal aid.

Cummings School Institutional Aid – DVM Program

Need-based grants
Need-based loans
Each school follows its own need analysis to determine eligibility for institutional aid.
How is need for need-based aid determined?

FINANCIAL AID EQUATION                                         

Cost of Education/Attendance (Tuition, fees, living expenses) 
–   Expected Family Contribution*
=  Need

* Calculated by school for institutional aid using a standardized need analysis.

Outside Awards                

Outside awards are scholarships awarded by private or public organizations, local community groups (kennel clubs, state veterinary associations, prior school, etc.)

Typically, any outside award a student receives for/during the academic year will be counted against loan eligibility.  All students are encouraged to seek outside aid

Resources & Useful Websites
Applicants should explore financial aid from all sources.  The following resources provide information about scholarships, financial planning and/or loan repayment calculators. There are many resources available to assist you during all phases of the application, enrollment and graduation/repayment process.

  • A positive credit record is important to you now and in the future!
  • Review your credit history & current credit status: www.annualcreditreport.com
  • Report errors to credit bureau.
  • Use credit wisely
  • Manage your spending before, during & after enrollment www.mymoney.gov
  • Eliminate consumer debt prior to enrollment (credit cards, car payments)
  • Borrow as little as possible
  • Review and understand repayment plan options before borrowing